To get started as your city's Jane's Walk City Organizer, you'll need to answer a few questions first.

Have you checked to make sure there is not already an active City Organizer in your city? *

Do that first.

If there is a City Organizer listed for your city, feel free to reach out, say hello, and offer to help out. If your city isn't listed or is listed as inactive, click continue below!

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Do you agree to organize at least 1 Jane's Walk in {{answer_28956167}} during the 2018 calendar year? *

City Organizers must organize at least one walk per year. If you do not organize a walk during the year, the Project Office will reset your city to inactive, which gives other people the opportunity to become the City Organizer.
We require that COs organize at least one walk each year. If you're struggling to organize a walk for any reason, get in touch with the Project Office for support. We're here to help!

You can also ask to be removed as the City Organizer at any time if circumstances change and you can no longer be the CO in{{answer_28956167}}.

Questions? Email the Global Project Director at
Do you agree to stay in touch with the Jane's Walk Project Office and check in at least once a year? *

We're a dispersed global community, so keeping up with each other on occasion is important! If the Project Office doesn't hear from you for a full year, we'll assume you are inactive and remove you as the City Organizer.
Staying in touch with the Project Office in some way (even if it's just a quick email once a year) is an important part of being a City Organizer.

Questions? Email the Global Project Director at
Do you agree to be the primary contact for Walk Leaders, walk participants, and local media in {{answer_28956167}}? *

One of the key roles of the City Organizer is to be the primary contact for people who are interested in leading walks, attending them, and reporting about them in local media.

Questions? Email the Global Project Director at
Have you read the 9 Jane's Walk Principles and do you agree to uphold them? *

Do you have questions about the principles? Email the Global Project Director at

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Feel free to create an email address specifically for this purpose if you don't want your private email address to be made public. For instance, you can create an account as janeswalk[cityname]
Great! That's all we need to get started. The Project Office will get your City Page set up on the website and then be in touch with some next steps. It might take us a few days!

If you don't hear from us within a week or so, send a followup email to the Global Project Director at

Thank you!

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