Hello! You're here because you're interested in organizing Jane's Walks in your city. That's great!

We're going to ask you a few questions to get started.

First, check to make sure your city doesn't already have a City Organizer by visiting http://janeswalk.org/information/cities/

If your city isn't listed, it means we need a City Organizer there! 

Read about the core responsibilities of being the City Organizer in your city at http://janeswalk.org/becoming-city-organizer/ to decide if being a CO is what you want to do.

Questions? Email Alia, the Global Cities Coordinator, at alia.scanlon@janeswalk.org. 

Next, make an account on www.janeswalk.org if you haven't already.

What's your name? *

What country are you in? *

What is the name of your city/town? *

Have you read the 9 Jane's Walk Principles and do you agree to uphold them? *

Do you agree to be the primary contact for all Walk Leaders in your city? *

In order for Walk Leaders to contact you, we need to make your email address public on your City Page. Do you give us permission to make your email address public? *

Jane's Walk allows Walk Leaders to post and lead walks at any time of the year, not just during the annual festival in May. Are you willing to be the key contact for Walk Leaders in your city year-round? *

If you select 'No,' we will list you as the City Organizer only between January 1 and May 15.
Do you agree to help promote all Jane's Walks and your local Jane's Walk Festival? *

Great! That's all we need to get started. Please note that once you're set up as the City Organizer in your city, you will remain the City Organizer until you notify us otherwise.

Alia will be in touch with you shortly with some next steps!

In the meantime, join the global Jane's Walk community on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/janeswalk), Twitter (@janeswalk), and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/janeswalk/).