Hello! We hope you enjoyed the Jane's Walk Festival this year! We want to know more about you and your experience on the walks. This survey is quick, simple, and should only take you 5 minutes to complete. Your story is incredibly valuable to us as we continue to build Jane's Walk into a global movement.

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What was the primary way you heard about Jane's Walk this year? *

Which organization?

Which social media platform?

Which media outlet?

What are the main reasons you decided to go on Jane's Walk this year? *

Jane's Walks are "walking conversations." Approximately how much of the conversation was contributed by the Walk Leader? *

Would you consider leading a Jane's Walk of your own next year? *

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We want to ask you a few quick questions about your engagement with the community.

Have you ever... *

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The next few questions are about how you learn about and engage with the city.

Are you part of a formal or informal walking group? *

Do you use your local library? *

Have you spent time in a local park or community centre in the last month? *

Do you know who your councillor is? *

Do you know how to make your views known to them? *

Would you ever present your views to a local councillor? *

Do you know your next door neighbour? *

Do you go out of your way to welcome new people to your community? *

Could you name at least one locally-owned business in your neighbourhood? *

Would you recognize the owner of that local business outside of their place of work? *

Do you know which organization(s) to approach about recycling your old electronics or furniture? *

How often do you visit parts of the city that are outside of where you live or work? *

1 = Never
2 = Rarely, maybe once or twice a year
3 = Often, at least once a month
4 = All the time, at least once a week
5 = Constantly, I'm a nomad

How often do you find yourself in social situations where your perspective is different? (Because of your age/language/culture/background/education/skills?) *

1 = Never, I'm always around people like me
2 = Rarely, I'm usually around people like me
3 = Often, in classes or at work I'm in mixed social settings
4 = All the time, I rarely find I'm around people like me
5 = Constantly, I am always the odd one out

Have you ever written a neighbourhood survey or petition? *

These last couple of questions are about how you express your own views and opinions.

Have you ever been asked for your opinion on something via telephone or email survey? *

Do you get to make decisions that you care about at work or in the community? *

Do people who aren't close friends or family members ask you about the best places to buy groceries or eat out in your neighbourhood? *

Have you ever introduced a neighbour to a swimming pool, library, daycare, or park they didn't know about? *

Have you ever recommended a local workshop, community class, service or program to a neighbour? *

Do you post your opinions in online review forums? *

Have you ever introduced your neighbours to a recurring club or event in the neighbourhood? *

All done!

Thank you for telling us about your Jane's Walk experience! We've entered your email address (if you provided one) into a lucky draw for the $50 Loblaws gift certificate.
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