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The 2018 Jane's Walk Festival is May 4-6th, but you can lead a Walk any time!

We're doing things differently this year. Rather than have you create a Walk listing, we're asking you to fill out this form. We will create an event listing for you on our Facebook page and list your Walk on a Toronto Walk listing webpage at janeswalk.org.
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Most Walks are 60-90 minutes long and include 3-7 stops, but many Walks are much longer or shorter. Make sure you build in enough time for discussion and pace it for slow Walkers, crowded sidewalks, and big groups. It is better to overestimate the length of your walk than to underestimate it.
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What is this Walk about? What questions and issues will you be exploring?
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Are there any accessibility considerations along your route?

While the nature of some neighbourhoods, routes, and the act of walking itself means that not every Jane's Walk will be fully accessible, we encourage you to be conscious of accessibility and thoughtful about your route. Everyone experiences space differently, so think broadly and empathetically about what could make others feel physically vulnerable or even unsafe.
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Thank you for submitting your Jane's Walk! We will get your Walk published on our Facebook Page and Website shortly, and then send you the links!

If you have any questions or need to make any changes to your walk, contact the Toronto City Organizer, Erin, at erin.kang@janeswalk.org.

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